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Στόμια τοίχου

Supply and return air grilles, suitable for wall installation.

Στόμια slot

Supply and return air diffusers, with internal adjustable blades, suitable for ceiling and wall mounting.

Στόμια νωπού αέρα

Air grilles for outdoor installation, with specially shaped blades and galvanized mesh.


Air volume dampers.

Στόμια οροφής

Supply and return diffusers, suitable for ceiling installation.

Στόμια slot τύπου L

Diffusers for modern architectural aesthetics, where large air flows are required. Suitable for ceiling and wall installation.

Στόμια κυκλικού αεραγωγού

Air grilles and diffusers for installation on circular ducts. Supply and return air applications.

Plenum, φίλτρα και θυρίδες

Plenum boxes, air filters, access doors, etc

Στόμια γραμμικά

Linear air grilles, suitable for wall and ceiling installations. For supply and return air applications. Floor linear grilles.

Στόμια μεγάλου ύψους

Great height diffusers and Jet nozzles, suitable for special installations where long throw is needed.

Στόμια ειδικών εφαρμογών

Gravity grilles, step diffusers, disc valves, etc

Ειδικές κατασκευές

Air grilles and fittings of special requiremnts and specifications

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