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Air Grilles - I. Lioli & Co. 

AIR GRILLES company, founded 1976 in Athens, are manufacturers of air conditioning terminal devices and relative products (a complete line of air outlets and inlets, multi-leaf dampers, filters, disk valves, fire dampers, etc.). Our products are installed in a multitude of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings.

Our production facilities are housed in privately owned premises of 2500 m2 in Koropi Industrial Area in Attica.


The Company’s policies are focused on:

  • modern, highly organized, effective production methods

  • τnew product development

  • continuous improvement of manufactured products through installation of modern production machinery, implementation of automated processes and continuous personnel training

  • rational personnel development

  • adapting new technologies (e.g. participation in “b2b Construct”)

  • direct contact with our customers

  • fastest possible delivery of orders


Believing that Research and Development is a vital factor of a company’s sucess, AIR GRILLES, in co-operation with the University of Patras, designed and built a Laboratory for rating and evaluating air outlets and inlets, in full conformance to ISO 5219.

The operating policies and rules of the company were formally established by the Certification of conformance to International Standard EN ISO 9001:2008, for the application of a Quality Management System to all stages of administration and production.

We have just completed the construction of additional building space of 1000m2 to our plant, where a new production unit will be installed, equipped with modern automated machinery, in order to face the increased market needs in the central air conditioning sector.

Our company's principle is to offer our customers excellent quality in competitive prices, meeting the most demanding technical, economical and aesthetic specifications. Thank you for your confidence, and we look forward to satisfy your future requirements.

Kind regards,

Ioanna Lioli - CEO
Ioannis Sousalis - Production Manager


Fluid mechanics Laboratory





Tunnel detail

Tunnel detail





Chamber detail

Chamber detail

Chamber detail

Chamber detail

Air Grilles believes that the passport to this vast world of opportunities has got a name: QUALITY. The EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System has been applied to AIR GRILLES production processes since 2003. Then, we went one step ahead of the competition: we had set up and now operating a LABORATORY FOR RATING AIR OUTLETS AND INLETS, fully equipped according to ISO 5219 (Laboratory aerodynamic testing of air terminal devices), also compatible to ANSI/ASHRAE 70 (Method of Testing for Rating the Perfornamce of Air Outlets and Inlets). A separate Quality System ISO/IEC 17025 (General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories) is applied to the Labotarory processes.

Any type of air terminal device can be rated for pressure drop, velocity, static and dynamic pressure, throw, spread, drop or rise of air stream, room air velocity, noise, temperature, all as a function of air volume flow rate.

Air outlets and inlets are important working parts in, often highly sophisticated, air condiotioning systems. Reliable rating of outlets in absoluterly necessary not only to system designers, but also to operating engineers. Our commitment to Total Quality expressed by the Laboratory operation, our orientation to international market, and our experience in exports, brings us to the position of competing on equal terms to the leaders of the market. Continuous implementation of automated processes and installation of modern production machinery provides us the capability of delivering to our cusomers air outlets and inlets of more sophisticated design, such as: Jet, Swirl, Filter combinations etc. which until recently were imported.

Most important: Automation keeps our customers happy with low prices. Manufacturing quality, functional reliability, aesthetics, reasonable prices and on-time delivery, present our challenge to the competition.

Laboratory photographs

Laboratory equipment

Aerodynamic elements

The outlets' characteristics (flow, range, pressure drop, noise level, beam, etc.) are elements necessary for the calculation and operation of the air conditioning system.

Special outlets

Specially made diffusers, designed to comply with specific project limitations or requirements of aesthetic function or research and development, are manufactured from the start, tested and measured. The relevant performance tables are delivered to the customer.

Commissioning - Rendezvous

For special measurements, commissioning as well as to make an appointment to visit the laboratory, please call the contact numbers or use the contact form.


1st Section: Lecture and projection room.


Section 2: Test air tunnel to measure the velocity of the air outlet, the pressure drop at the orifice and the calculation of the active orifice surface. The measurements are made in air supply and return mode for a wide range of air flows, through inverted driven fans. The structure also includes an air flow balancing apparatus and a high-end hot wire sensor supported in a moving custom-made system for the complete scanning of the outlet's surface over the two axes. The custom made PLC control software records the measurements and converts them into tables and diagrams.


Section 3: Test chamber for measuring the throw, rise and drop of the air beam, as well as the noise level. The measurements are made for isothermal and non-isothermal operation. The chamber consists of two Air Handling Units to cover air supplies up to 15,000 m3 / h. The cold and warm water in the AHU is supplied by an independent Heat Pump, and their plug fans are driven by Inverters. The network of air ducts (with internal sound insulation) has a number of dampers in order to direct the air to the respective end of the air outlet to be tested. There are five different installation positions in order to to cover a whole range of air outlets (wall, ceiling, floor, special applications ). The installation includes a movable support rack for the hot wire omnidrive sensors, that scans the area of interest on the three axes. The movement, control, and recording of the measurements and their conversion into tables and diagrams is done through a custom made software.


All sensors and measuring instruments are in accordance with ISO regulations, certified, while they are calibrated annually.


23 Agias Marina Koropiou Avenue
Koropi - 19441
Tel. +30 210 6624 720
+30 210 6626 475
Fax. +30 210 6626 727
e-mail : - Information - Accounting - Technical department
Cyprus Office - Cyvent Engineering Ltd
Agiou Georgiou, 21, Germasogeia
4045, Limassol, Cyprus
Tel. +35 799 620 231
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